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ess to poss○ess a compu●ter. Over 47 p■ercent of the res○pondents from Shand●ong said the●y would prefer a co○mputer that wou●ld assist ●them in their farmin〓g activities.It is○ not just th●e farm


ers who are● triggering the rur〓al demand. Notebo■ok computers hav〓e recently● emerged as ●the most sought ●after appliance● on prospe○ctive bridegroom's ○must-have appliance 〓lists in rural areas〓.Of course, i■t is not such■ a big expense,〓 one would ○say. But to spend 5■,000 to 6,000● yu

an on an a○ppliance that ■does not cook■ food or wash 〓laundry is not ◆a light decision fo◆r a rural fa○mily living ●on an average ru●ral income.A○ccording to t〓he National Bureau o○f Statistics the a◆verage annual per c○apita net in◆come for the c■ountry's 7◆21 million rural ■residents ●is around 4,761 ■yuan.Nearly 8○0 percent 〓of the young couples〓 in Zhangqiu, Sh○andong provin〓ce, have ex〓pressed their desi〓re to buy a comp■uter after ●marriage, Du Lin●jun, deputy● di

rector of ■the city's ec■onomic and trade

.Acco■r technology

d〓epartment said.Rel○ated Video:China has○ announced a detaile◆d subsidy p◆lan for auto and hom■e appliance ●replacements.◆ With that, of●ficials are expecti○ng a replacement o●f one milli●on us


ed vehi○cles and five〓 million old home● appliances.Reba◆tes up to 6〓,000 yuan will ●be given to people t◆rading-in their 〓used mediu■m and small◆ trucks an○d some types o◆f medium-sized● passenger car〓s.Consumers● can also get t●he rebate by selli●ng vehicles th●at no longer ■meet the govern〓ment's emiss〓ion standa●rds, but are st■ill within the■ir life expec◆tancy.For home ap○pliance replacemen●ts, purchasers can g○et a direct pric〓e reduction ●when they buy new ■appliances●.The subsidy is u■p to 10 pe■rcent of the r◆etail price on TV se●ts, refriger◆ators, washing m■achines, air-condi◆tioners and compu

ter〓s.There have been ●big price cut●s in home app〓liances in■ Shanghai this weeke〓nd. Prices o■f air conditioners d○ropped for the fi〓rst time in thre●e years, hitti○ng very close to ●levels last s〓een in 2006.T〓he Suning c◆hain has laun○ched price cuts● kitchen and toilet■ appliances and ●air conditioners. P●rice for so〓me models of air ■conditione〓r have been cu■t by more tha〓n 30 percent, some ●models also● include coupons or ■gifts. Most consume〓rs are people with n○

ew homes. T◆he company ●says the peak se●

ason for home fit■ting is approa◆ching, and■ it will cut it○s prices for oth〓er home app〓liances

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ssed ○their

.One c●ustomer sai●d "We will get o○ur air conditio●ner set up tomor◆row or the da◆y after tomorr■ow.""I want to buy■ a new one t■o take advantage of ◆the price cut."■Du Tingyong, S〓taff of Suning App○liance sai〓d "The need fo●r home appli◆ance has surged in S〓pring. Custo●mer flow h○as recovered si●gnificantly●,


nearly doubling th◆at of last week."Th◆ere are about 15■ million ai

r c●onditioners● in warehou〓ses around the cou○ntry, and t

he ●air conditioner in〓dustry is facin

g a◆n unprecedented cris〓is.

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